Capital Structure and its Factors: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan’s Pharmaceutical Firms


  • Naveed Qurtuba University


Capital Structure, Total Liabilities, Total Assets, Net Assets


The current study focus is on three specific green marketing tools that may enhance the consumer’s knowledge about the environment, the environment-friendly products and that may help them in distinguishing between the conventional and green products. The three marketing tools discussed by the researcher are “green brands”, “green labels” and “green advertisements”. This study aims to investigate the role of green marketing strategies on consumer believes and behaviors in terms of shopping goods that included household detergents and organic food items. The research serves the consumers of Guildford Surrey, to analyze the role of green marketing in terms of their behavior. The author adopted the positivistic research philosophy and quantitative techniques were used for the data collection. Data were mainly collected from the primary source through the help of a structured close-ended questionnaire. The finding of the results suggests that green marketing strategies have a positive impact on consumer believes and behavior. Consumers are more concerned with environmental issues and try buying convenience goods. The resulting finding is parallel in line with the previous literature on green marketing. Companies try to target consumers according to their environmental beliefs.  The main limitation of this study is the role of green marketing (branding, labeling, and advertising) towards the consumer purchase only in food commodities and household detergents thus in the future other researchers interested to carry work on green marketing role on consumers purchase decisions may work on the product type. Like convenience goods, shopping goods moreover in durable goods where consumer involvement is high.




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