Assessment of Integration of Sustainable Development Principles in University Curricula, A Systematic Literature Review


  • Sadia Akhund PhD Scholar, MUET, Jamshoro
  • Wahid Bux Mangrio Assistant Professor, MUET, Jamshoro
  • Abdul Sami Qureshi Pro Vice-Chancellor (EX), MUET SZAB Campus, Kahirpur
  • Iffat Batool Associate Professor, MUET, Jamshoro


Sustainable Development, Education for Sustainable Development, Higher Education, Curricula Assessment.


Sustainable development (SD) concerns are important and recurring in higher education (HE), industries, businesses, and other sectors globally. They are crucial considering environmental issues and the need to balance economic, environmental, and social factors. Over the past two years, HE has become more interested in sustainability, and SD features should be included in curricula to raise understanding of SD challenges. Thus, individuals and organizations can seek solutions for a more sustainable and resilient future. The first step in promoting sustainability in HE is to evaluate how well SD principles are incorporated into existing curricula. The rationale behind undertaking the Systematic
Literature Review (SLR) was to ascertain the underlying cause. The SLR comprised 27 articles published in renowned journals categorized into five primary themes offering an extensive overview of research conducted over sixteen years, encompassing the years 2006 to 2022, and complied with the guidelines of the Preferred Reporting Items for
Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA). Those five themes focus on “The tools for assessment of integration SD principles in curricula”, “Integration of SD principles in Higher Education”, “Integration of SD principles in Specific Disciplines”, “Barriers and Challenges in Integration”, and “Case Studies and Implementation Strategies”. The SLR’s findings highlight a notable surge in interest regarding the integration of SD principles into university curricula, recognized as crucial in addressing global challenges like climate change, resource depletion, and societal disparities. It explored assessment techniques, obstacles in the integration of SD principles into curricula, and strategies to overcome them.




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Sadia Akhund, Wahid Bux Mangrio, Abdul Sami Qureshi, & Iffat Batool Naqvi. (2023). Assessment of Integration of Sustainable Development Principles in University Curricula, A Systematic Literature Review. International Journal of Business and Management Sciences, 4(4), 157-182. Retrieved from