How EFL teachers’ subject matter knowledge matters for students’ academic performance


  • Latiba Khanam
  • Nadia Hameed Islamia Univeristy Bahawalpur
  • Syed Kazam Sajjad Centro Provinciale Istruzione Adulti


EFL setting; subject matter knowledge; students’ academic performance; secondary schools; quantitative study


High subject matter knowledge is essential for instructors to obtain an efficient educational approach since they play a significant role in the successful achievement of any nation's educational objectives. Therefore, by using a quantitative approach, this study was conducted to investigate the influence that teachers' subject matter knowledge plays on the academic achievement of their students. All secondary school students in Karachi were selected by a purposive sampling, and 347 individuals took part in this study. The research was conducted using a descriptive survey research methodology, and the primary method for gathering data was through the use of questionnaires. The information was then put through a series of statistical tests, both descriptive and inferential. The results of the study showed that teachers had a sufficient degree of subject matter expertise, which has a strong association with the academic achievement of students in an EFL context. As a result, the study primarily proposes that language teachers should be prepared with sufficient and up-to-date subject matter knowledge, in addition to the ongoing specialized trainings that are necessary to meet the requirements.




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