Work Family Enrichment as a Mediator Between Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviors and Outcome


  • Tariq Jamil International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Tazeem Ali Shah International Islamic university, Islamanbad, Pakistan


Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviors, Work Family Enrichment, Subjective Career Success, Conservation of Resource Theory


In this competitive era, organizations require continuous performance for their survival. Organizational performance depends on the performance of their employees. However, employees put their efforts to perform well when they found subjective career success (SCS) in the organization. There are many factors that influence the employees’ SCS like family-supportive supervisor behavior (FSSB). Based on the conservation of resource (COR) theory, this research examined the relationship between FSSBs and SCS especially by investigating the mediating role of work-family enrichment (WFE) in the higher education sector of Pakistan. The study was quantitative in nature and used a deductive approach. The data was collected by using close-ended five-point Likert scale questionnaires from the faculty members of the higher education sector of Pakistan. An adapted questionnaire was used to gather the responses from 262 faculty members by using the convenience sampling technique. Regression analysis was conducted by using the Hayes Process macros in SPSS. This study was correlational and three hypotheses were proposed to carry out the test. On the basis of the proposed hypothesis, after analysis, all the hypotheses were found accepted with a p-value <0.00. It was observed that the FSSBs had a positive relationship with SCS through the mediated association WFE of faculty members. The findings of the current study are helpful for policymakers in the higher education sector. By considering the importance of SCS for university teachers, policymakers and academic directors/administrators should take necessary actions for the ideal provision of SCS through FSSBS and WFE to make their faculty members highly committed and satisfied with their work. Practical implications on the basis of results, limitations of the study, and guidelines for future research were discussed.




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