Submission Policy​

For all queries, submissions, and other issues, send email to the following email address.

Submission Policy And Requirements:

Manuscripts Submitted To The Journal Should Be Written In MS Office Word Programme (*.Doc, *.Docx). Articles Can Be Written In Turkish Or English. Submissions Must Be No More Than 25 Pages All-Inclusive.

Submission Guidelines For The International Journal of Business and management sciences (IJBMS) are Given Below. If Necessary, Authors Can Follow The Format Provided By American Psychological Association – APA.

  • Title Must Be With 14-Point.
  • Title And Abstract Must Be Bold, Middle And All Capitalized. Other Headings Must Be With The Left-Hand Margin, Bold, And Only First Letters Are Capitalized.
  • Abstract, Key Words And References Must Be Written With 10-Point And Single-Spaced.
  • The Document Must Be With 12-Point Times New Roman.
  • The Document Must Be Justified And Written With 1.5 Lines Spacing.
  • Headings Must Be Numbered Except Introduction And References (E.G. 1., 1.2.,
  • Space Between Paragraphs Should Be Aftern 6 Nk And No Indent For The First Line Of Paragraph.
  • Each Reference Must Be Indented 1.25 Cm.
  • Margins For Left Are 4,5 Cm; For Right, Top And Bottom Are 4 Cm. 

 Title Page And Format

A Short Title Of Up To 12 Words Should Appear On The Title Page. Please List The Full Names, Titles, And Affiliations (With Complete Addresses) Of All Authors, Including E-Mail, Telephone, And Fax Information On The Title Page. Contact Person Should Also Be Indicated.

 Abstract And Keywords:

Please Supply English Title, English Abstract Of Up To 200 Words, English Keywords. Abstract Should Be A Precise Summary Of Your Paper Covering Its Aim, Research Methods, Main Findings And Results. Abstract Should Not Include Abbreviations And Citations. Please Include Five (5) Keywords That Describe Your Paper.

 The Main Document

The Main Document Must Start From Page 3. The Papers Should Include An Introduction Section That Highlights Reasons And Importance Of The Study, Its Contributions And Aims. After This Section The Main Document Should Consist Of Theoretical Framework And Hypotheses, Research Methods, Findings/Results And Discussion/Conclusion Depending On Research Type.

Headings And Subheadings Should Be Formated As Below:

Level 1

Bold And Only First Letters Are Capitalized


1. Theoretical Framework

Level 2

Left-Justified, Bold And Only First Letters Are Capitalized

1. Job Satisfaction


Level 3

Bold And First Letters Are Capitalized

1.1.1. Job Satisfaction Aspects


Level 4

 Italic And Only First Letters Are Capitalized Job Satisfaction Measures

Citation In The Text And References

Citations In The Text Appear In References. References Start From The End Of The Text. Please Be Sure That References Are Left-Justified And First Letters With Bold And Capitalized. All The Citations In The Text Are Listed Alphabetically (According To Surnames). If An Author Has More Than One Reference With Same Year, Please Use ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ Letters Next To The Year. Examples Are Below For Citations In The Text And References.

Citations In The Text:

 For One Author

……… Are Explained Here (Irk, 2014: 45)

According To Irk (2014: 45) ………

 For Two Authors

……… Are Explained Here (Jan and Ozyer, 2013: 200)

According To Jan And Ozyer (2013: 200) ………

For Three And More Authors

………. Are Explained Here (Jan et al., 2011: 12)

According To Jan et al. (2011: 12) ………

 Reference Style:

 Book, One Author

Daft, R. L. (2001). Organization Theory And Design, 7. Edition, South-Western College Publishing, Ohio.

Book, Two Authors

Özkalp, E. Ve Kırel, Ç. (2013). Organizational Behavior, 6. Edition, Ekin Yayınevi, Bursa.

Book, Three Or More Authors

Aronson, E., Wilson, T. D. Ve Akert, R. M. (2002). Social Psychology, 4. Edition, Prentice Hall, New Jersey.

 Conference Proceedings

Kanbur, E., Canbek, M. Ve Özyer, K. (2015). Örgütlerde Rol Belirsizliği Ve Rol Çatışmasının Çalışanların Öz-Yeterlilik Algısı Üzerindeki Etkisi, 3. Örgütsel Davranış Kongresi, 6-7 Kasım, Tokat.

 Thesis / Dissertations

Orhan, U. (2013). Korku Ve Grup Düşünüşün Hatalı Karar Verme Üzerine Etkisi: Sağlık Sektöründe Bir Araştırma, Yayınlanmamış Doktora Tezi, Gaziosmanpaşa Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, Tokat.

 Tables And Figures

Table And Figure Numbers And Their Titles Are With 10-Point And Bold. They Appear Above The Tables And Figures. They Should Be Numbered In The Following Manner: (Table 1, Table 2, Figure 1, Figure 2).  References For The Tables And Figures Are Indicated Below The Table And Figure As They Are Shown In The Text. In Case Of Further Explanations Please Place Them Below The Table And Figure Too. These References And Explanations Below The Table And Figure Are With 8-Point.


Please Do Not Use Endnotes For Citations. If There Are Point Need Further Explanations Please Use Endnotes. Endnotes Must Be With 8-Point And Single-Spaced.