International Journal of Business and Management sciences is a peer reviewed journal. The aim of the journal is to publish latest research related to the field of management, business administration, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and so on. The main contributors of the journal are academics, researchers, practitioners, consultants, and undergraduate and postgraduate students.  The journal has a diverse advisory board consist of experts from well reputed university and organization around the world.  The journal provides a platform for sharing diverse research work in the field and aims to reduce the gap between the industry and academia. The journal is abstracted and indexed in high ranking abstracting and indexing agencies. The journal does not charge any fee to authors and is freely available to the readers through its web site.


INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IJBMS) has started its publications to fill the gap in the area of business and management. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IJBMS) is an international peer-reviewed academic journal with qualified research papers in the area of business and management. The journal language is English. our journal uses double-blind review process where both the reviewers and the authors are anonymous. The journal is published electronically on quarterly basis.

The aim of  INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCEES (IJBMS) is to investigate behaviors by linking theory with practice in business. In doing so, an organization gets most out of its most important resource, human, and manages employees’ behaviors better. In addition, scholars, practitioners and readers will be able to access and share knowledge easily. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (IJBMS) is being evaluated by many indexing platforms.